You may want to say "Aloha!" to the Aloha State - according to, Hawaii is the 4th best place to live in the US.  Utilizing measurables such as "population change", 2018 Unemployment (lowest), "poverty rate" and life expectancy (the longest at 82.2 years)

Here are a few reasons why, according to, Hawaii is ranked as the 4th best place to live:

  • 2018 unemployment: 2.4% (the lowest);
  • Poverty rate: 8.8% (2nd lowest);
  • Life expectancy at birth: 82.2 years (the longest).

“People living in Hawaii are less likely to face serious financial hardship than the vast majority of Americans. Just 8.8% of state residents live below the poverty line, the smallest share of any state other than New Hampshire, and well below the national poverty rate of 13.1%. The state’s relative prosperity is likely due in part to its strong job market. An average of just 2.4% of Hawaii’s labor force was out of work in 2018, the lowest unemployment rate among states and well below the 3.9% national rate."

Of course, the weather, ocean access, aloha vibe and copious Mai Tai opportunities might also have something to do with it.  Mahalo to that.